Wheat Heaters

Highly Efficient, Bulk Solid Heat Exchangers

A new and exciting product that Steam Engineering has recently developed is our Wheat Heating System. When comparing the cost savings of operating our new fuel efficient Steam Generator versus using a standard boiler, as well as the ability to increase your production, the choice is clear. The newly designed Wheat Heater System is an innovative, rugged and effective product. Our Wheat Heaters are constructed with a 4-pass SCH40 1-inch piping. Standard bolted flange connections make the Wheat Heaters modular, thereby allowing them to be easily added or removed in an evolving plant. The large surface areas are optimized to create a more evenly heated area and an overall better product. This is perfect for controlling moisture content in the milling process. Sizing is never an issue as we have a full series of different sizes, which are stackable to fit within your allowable area as well as meeting your bushel per hour requirements.



Specifications (WHEAT):
  • 2,750 kg/hr (100 Bushel/HR) to 163,000 kg/hr (6000 Bushel/HR) Capacities
  • Up to 100C(212F) >100 kPa (14.5 PSIG) Water
  • Up to 120C(248F) 0-100 kPa (0-14.5 PSIG) Saturated Steam (100-120C)
  • Up to 176C(350F) 0-8 PSIG Steam Generator Steam