Grow Room Sterilization

Fast, efficient process heating

Steam Engineering's Steam Generators have been installed since 1998 into mushroom farms to sterilize grow rooms and prevent mould and mildew. A unique burner design ensures low NOx and CO levels which conform to all installation requirements.


  • Reduced Energy Requirements
    • Comparing to a boiler system, Steam Generators are designed for 100% make-up and do not fall under the pressure vessel act. With a Steam Generator, fuel savings could be as much as 50% and water consumption rates are ultra low.
  • Low NOx and CO Emissions Generated
    • A unique burner design provide low NOx and CO emissions for enviromental concerns and operation safety.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
    • With limited moving electrical and mechanical parts, maintenance costs are minimalized to create savings.
  • Space Saving Design
    • Comparing to a traditional boiler, Steam Generators are small in size and are built in two standard configuration to meet customer's requirements. 3D Layout concepts are generated for customers to reduce installation costs and time.
  • Elimination of Mold and Mildew
    • Mold and mildew can shut down any mushroom operation pretty fast. Bake your rooms to 165F with low pressure steam for safety and efficiency.